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TaskMaster: Take Control Of Your Life's Tasks

Learn how to organize your busy life, manage your to-do's, reduce stress and be more productive with my Getting Things Done "quick-start" guide.

TaskMaster In Evernote

TaskMaster In Evernote: Using Evernote As Your Trusted System

Take the GTD steps learned in TaskMaster: Take Control Of Your Life's Tasks a step further by learning how to organize all of your tasks and to-do's from work and home, all in one convenient spot that you can take with you on your mobile device.

iPhone and iPad Photo and Video Backup Guide

iPhone and Ipad Photo and Video Backup Guide

Have you ever lost photos or videos? These are priceless captured moments that can not be recreated. That's why it is so important to have a working backup plan!​ I'll show you exactly how to backup your mobile devices photos in this guide.

Thomas Matty

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